Before and since the launch of Touché (see we have been asked by many players in the marketing space about what other things it’s possible to do with NFC smartphones.  This blog entry is going to pull some of these together.

First, let’s remind ourselves what happens when a user taps their NFC smartphone on a tag contained within a smart poster (or beer mat, or whatever else you can stick a label to…).  The smartphone is switched on, the view is in the home screen, and it’s not necessary to load an app in order to use the NFC function (although most phones do require you to enable NFC).  The tag contains data which uniquely identifies the tag, which Touché has registered to the client’s website.  So when the user taps the phone, a connection is made to Touché’s Content Management System (CMS) which points the phone to the landing page of the client’s website or any chosen content.  The user then interacts with this website to browse the client’s products and services and to discover any special offers.  At the end of a week or month, Touché supplies reports showing how many times each tag was tapped and what day and time, allowing clients to focus campaigns on the best performing poster sites.

So far so good. But agencies have been asking us, “We don’t just want to know how many people have tapped, we want to know who has tapped, so we can send them special offers, and build up a profile of their preferences.”  After all, tapping a smart poster is a good indication of interest, and is so much more feedback than you get from a normal poster.

The good news is this is possible.  In this case, the client needs to create an app, and give the user an incentive to enrol, with at least a mobile number and email address.  Now, when the user taps from within the app, both the tag ID and the user ID will be sent to the Touché CMS, and this data will be captured for transmission to the client.

The next question we get asked is, “Is it possible to give successive users a different experience when they tap a smart poster?”  The reason for wanting this can be for instance to gamify a campaign.  The answer to this is also yes.  If the user is tapping anonymously, then the CMS can be set up to deliver different responses.  If it’s done from within an app, anything is possible, and Touché can help with this.

The third thing we get asked is whether tags can be locked to prevent abuse.  The answer to this is yes, we can lock tags to prevent modification and, when read from within an app, we can employ digital signatures to reassure users that the tag contents are genuine and safe. We can discuss the individual requirements with any client who has a concern.


You can call us or contact us through the Touché website if you want to discuss any of this further:, or use the Contact Form from this website.


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